Why Elopements?

Why elopements? Why intimate weddings?

Why would I turn away potential business by saying no to traditional weddings (yeah. I do!)?

Let me back up, because this is personal for me.

I knew on my first date with my husband that he was the one for me. I just KNEW! Can anybody relate to that?!

I'll never, ever forget the moment, sitting on his couch in the crappy cabin he was renting, when he told me that he knew it was way too soon to even be telling me that he loved me, but he did. The next piece of the puzzle was figuring out when it was socially acceptable to tie the knot! At 6 months of dating, he proposed, and we were married almost 6 months after that. Our one-year dating anniversary was actually a week AFTER our wedding day!

When we started planning our wedding, I initially cringed--because nothing that any of our friends were doing felt like us. It felt stuffy, awkward, and unoriginal. I wanted something unique that was totally me. I wanted a connection to nature, the place I'd always felt the most at home. I didn't want hundreds of people hearing me pour my heart out--I'm an extroverted introvert! There were so many things that I knew I wanted, that didn't fit into the standard I knew.

So, my now-husband, bless his heart, went to work. He literally carved out our venue and reception site out of the side of an Arizonian mountain (land he and his parents owned) to make my dreams come true. We went antique shopping for wooden chairs for our ceremony. I had the wedding and reception of my DREAMS!

Our wedding, photos taken by the amazing Ashley Rae Photography!

It just totally changed everything for me.

I'd always been creative (literally, since I was old enough to hold a paintbrush, I was painting), and had a thriving business as a watercolor artist and landscape/wildlife photographer, but the amazing, incredible, authentic experience I'd just had gave me such a passion to help others have a day as amazing as my own. A day spent outside the box, outside the rules; a day that is totally and authentically personal to each couple.

That's my "why." That's the kind of passion that money can't buy. That's the kind of fire in my heart that keeps me awake at night, dreaming about the experiences I'm co-creating with my couples. The kind of creativity and fulfillment that feeds my soul.

I'd love to tell your story.