When you think about eloping, you might be picturing a last minute decision to get married. While that's definitely a kind of elopement, I find that "elopement" and "intimate wedding" are interchangeable.

Elopements and intimate weddings (aka, small weddings!) focus on what truly matters: the two of you. They don't invite the performance, production, drama, or anything else that can often accompany a big wedding. I don't know how many people I've heard say that their wedding was stressful, they felt like they couldn't enjoy it because there were just too many people, or worst of all, that they "just can't wait for this day to be over." Ouch.

Friends, it does not have to be that way!

If you feel like a big, traditional wedding just isn't for you, if you want a touch of wilderness to your big day, if you dream of a small, intimate, meaningful, authentic wedding day that focuses on why you're getting married, an elopement or intimate wedding might be right for you.

The best part? There are no rules, no one size fits all. You can create a day with intention that truly reflects who you are.

jackson hole intimate wedding elopement photographer

Here's the truth: You deserve the big day of your dreams. You DESERVE a meaningful, intimate wedding!

Dream with me for a moment.

  • What if your wedding day was all about your beautiful & unique love story, instead of a performance that feels like it's for everyone else but you?
  • What if you could just relax and enjoy every minute of your big day instead of stressing out and having anxiety about making it all happen or pleasing everyone else?
  • What if you could spend your wedding day focused on what truly matters: marrying the person of your dreams?
  • What if you could exchange your heartfelt vows with intimacy--without feeling like you were in front of an audience or that it was a performance?

Do it Your Way!

What if instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a party that you yourself could barely enjoy, you instead spent WAY LESS money on an amazing experience and adventure that you and your future spouse will always remember?

I'd love to hear your vision for your big day!