Perfectly Tailored to Your Dream

Perfectly Tailored to Your Dream

More Than Just Your Photographer

More Than Just Your Photographer

I take the stress out of the planning process by being more than just your photographer. I'm your personal guide to the intimate, meaningful experience of your dreams.

Get in Touch to Plan Your Experience
Get in Touch to Plan Your Experience
Because beautiful photos are the minimum of what you deserve.

So you made the amazing decision to have a wedding day experience that puts your love at the focus in the most beautiful place on earth (OK, I'm a little biased!). Congratulations, because getting married like this is LIFE CHANGING! But when you throw the rulebook out the window, how the heck do you even start planning the experience of your dreams? That's where I come in. I'm here to be your personal guide to co-creating the day of your dreams.

Who you're trusting with the biggest day of your life matters!

Who you're trusting with the biggest day of your life matters!

Meet Your Photographer

Meet Your Photographer

Hey! I'm Blair, and as an artist and photographer, I pour my heart, soul, and every ounce of creativity into my work. I capture every sweet moment so you can look back and relive your best day again and again!

Get to know me
Get to know me

Kind Words

Kind Words

Melissa + Brandon

Do yourself a favor and book Blair! She is absolutely fantastic, personable, and made our day so relaxed and captured every moment beautifully. Blair listened, asked questions, and really got to know us and what we wanted. She provided recommendations from services to how to stay warm, it was 14° on our day. She was instrumental in making our day perfect. The pictures were gorgeous, she always responded to us promptly and is very professional.

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You don't have to sacrifice anything to have the wedding experience of your dreams.

You may not want to be in a ballroom with a dance floor, surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people you barely know, spending all your money on something that doesn't feel like "you." But you still deserve to have every moment of your big day documented, just like you would at a traditional wedding.

I totally understand wanting a small, intimate wedding--that's exactly what I did for my own wedding! But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice having your memories documented and captured.

Having your full story captured looks like:

  • The BEST day for you two
  • Reminds you of the details of your big day no matter how many years have passed
  • Lets friends and family (who weren't able to attend) a chance to share in your memories
  • Captures how it felt to have this amazing adventure with your spouse

Because, let's face it. The dress will go into storage, the food will get eaten, the day will go by so much faster than you even think. But 1, 5, 10 years down the line, you'll look back on these memories and be immediately transported back to how the Tetons looked as you were saying your vows; the morning light in your airbnb as you were getting ready; how fun that hike to your ceremony location really was; how amazing your "reception" was with all 10 of your guests.

Included In Every Package:

Flexible Coverage

2, 4, 6, 8, full-day, or multi day coverage of your incredible day.

Planning Assistance

Customized location list, timeline assistance, vendor recommendations, and unlimited communication! If you ever need to talk through an idea, or just need someone local who knows the area, I'm here for you.

The Ultimate Planning Guide

Have you ever looked at planning books or websites and wished that there was something that actually applied to the untraditional day you're trying to plan? Well, I couldn't find one. So I created one. It's over 60 pages of perfectly curated information that will make planning your big day a breeze.

Online Gallery + Print Shop

Online Gallery to share with family and friends worldwide, with an incredible print shop attached that puts you right in the hands of the most amazing printing options in the business.

Every Memory

Your Memories: Full-resolution, beautiful, edited images with print release.

Travel Included

Travel included within 2 hours of Jackson Hole!

What Would Our Day Look Like?

I always encourage couples to imagine their best day together: what does it feel like? What's the weather like? Who are you spending it with? What fun things are you doing? Because THAT could be your wedding experience!

The Experience


My style is heavily focused on real moments & the emotion of your experience. I'm not going to make you do anything that feels cheesy, forced, or weird. Nothing staged, nothing set up, no awkward half-smiles. It’s the real good stuff. We create together. You deserve to enjoy a day full of happy feelings and focused on love, not feeling like you're in an uncomfortable photoshoot!

Connection & Trust

You and I are both choosing a path that’s different from a 500 person wedding where you barely see me in the midst of the chaos. We’re both choosing an intimate, untraditional experience that puts the focus back on what’s actually important: your story. It’s so important that we have a good connection, because the last thing I want is to show up and feel like a stranger intruding on your special day! When you and I feel super comfortable with one another, we both win: you feel and look at ease in your photos, and I’m able to do my thing to the best of my ability. Trust me, getting photos taken doesn’t have to suck or be awkward in any way, and most of my couples can't believe how much fun we have!

Breaking the Mold

If you haven’t heard my own wedding story, the short version is that my husband and I felt super uncomfortable thinking about planning a day that didn’t feel like us, and so we did something radically different from what all of our friends were doing. It changed everything for me, and I’m so passionate about helping other couples have the same feeling and memories about their own amazing adventures. Whatever your dream is, whatever your vision is, whatever you want documented—it’s worth being captured in a way that will bring back all the feels for generations to come. I want you to be able to look back at these photos for decades and feel the love you feel for each other right now. I want them to be meaningful to you. I want them to speak your truth. Because that’s what this is REALLY all about.

Invest in your memories

I want photography to be something more than checking off a box on your wedding planning to-do list. Even though every detail of your big day is important, and probably feels like a HUGE decision in the planning process, the reality is that photography is the only thing that truly lasts after your wedding day. I can speak from experience. I got married in 2016, and I absolutely treasure my photos. I’m immediately transported back to the butterflies and nervousness when I was getting ready; the crunch of the forest floor under my cowboy boots as I walked down the aisle, how strong my husband’s hand felt when we were saying our vows, the pure, raw, emotion and joy that I continuously felt throughout that day, and so many other moments. Those photos manage to recreate every sound, sight, etc. and will be something that is passed down through generations. I’m passionate about capturing the memories of couples who believe in the value of meaningful, authentic photographs that will last a lifetime.

An Undefined Style

In this day and age, it’s super easy to buy a top of the line camera and a pack of someone else’s edits to slap on the photos you take and call it a day. This is the opposite of my ethos. I’m proud of my skill as a photographer, and I’m also proud that I don’t stick to one specific style because every couple’s story is so different. I make sure that the way I’m interacting, shooting, and editing is reflective of who my couples are and how things actually felt. It’s more important to me to tell your story with authenticity than having a consistent instagram feed. The artistic choices I make aren’t ultimately about me, because these are your memories, not mine. I focus on quality so we can create something together you’ll value forever.

Limited Availability

I take on a limited number of weddings and elopements every year, and that boils down to only a few sessions per month. I do this because I know myself, my process, and my values. I don’t think it’s fair to YOU if I’m overbooking myself because you ultimately won’t be getting my best work if I’m physically, mentally, and creatively exhausted. A lot of times, couples don’t just book me for one day (engagement shoots, wedding weekends, day-after coverage, anniversary sessions down the road, etc.). To keep my calendar open for these couples and to keep my turnaround time quick, I limit my schedule so that every couple I book gets the best of me.

Here for you

You probably haven’t been a bride or groom before, so you have a lot to figure out. This is something I’m so passionate about in my business—I structure everything to help you plan. Once you book, I send you a detailed questionnaire. Most of my couples say how grateful they are for it because otherwise, they might have forgotten or missed something. I send you a detailed location list that’s perfectly tailored to your vision and accessibility needs. I connect you with my trusted vendors to cover every need. I guide you through the necessary permits and leave no trace information to preserve this incredible place for future generations. Anything that I think can help you create memories with your friends and family, plan, prepare, and more—I’ll make sure and share with you. I’m happy to help in any big or little ways that I can to make sure that this is a stress free experience for you! You have unlimited consultations during your planning period, and I'm here to talk through ideas, find way to make things work, or anything else you can think of!

10% Back

My faith moves me to give 10% of all my income to a good cause. I rotate between charities, like the Wyoming Food Bank. Hungry kids have a special place in my heart!


Celebrate the love that brought you together with the people closest to you in nature's cathedral. 2, 4, 6, and 8 hour collections available.

Intimate Weddings

Ditch the big wedding for an incredible experience you'll never regret. 4, 6, 8 hour, full day and multi-day collections available.

Custom Collections

Let's create something uniquely you. Dreaming of telling the ENTIRE story of your adventure? A custom collection is for you if you're dreaming of an all-day or multi-day experience, a hiking adventure, or an extreme adventure wedding. Let's dream together!

Adventure Sessions



Vow Renewals

Anniversary Sessions

I would absolutely love to help create the experience of your dreams. Tell me what you're thinking and I'll create a custom proposal and plan for you! Pricing for these sessions currently begins at $350.

The Process | What It Looks Like to Work with Me

1. Reach out

Share your dreams for your big day with me. I absolutely love hearing your heart, your vision, and what you're thinking for your wedding or elopement day. The sky is the limit!

2. Set up a phone call

You don't have to, but I find that phone calls are so much more personal than email (and way easier for us to communicate and get to know each other!). It's so important to me to work with couples who are kindred spirits to me, and I believe that you deserve to work with someone you really fit and connect with! We'll connect and go over everything you're thinking of. I'm so excited to hear your story!

3. Invest

Once we make a game-plan for your big day, invest with a signed contract and a 50% retainer.

4. Receive The Ultimate Planning Guide, my list of trusted Jackson Hole Vendors and your location questionnaire

You'll receive The Ultimate Planning Guide, a resource I've created with over 60 pages of information that covers everything from how to dream up your best day, how to structure your timeline, tips on choosing your attire, and even a packing list before you leave for Jackson!
I also connect you with the best of the best: the vendors I love here in town to cover your needs for videography, flowers, hair and makeup, and more. If you need other suggestions at any point, I will find you the right people to contact. I'll also send you a questionnaire that helps make your dream into something tangible--I'll use it to create your customized location list!

5. Receive your customized location list, select a location, consider logistics

Whether it's a spot inside Grand Teton, a beautiful ranch with a mountain view, or one of our incredible venues here in town, I take all the important aspects of your vision and compile them into a location list with ideas inside and outside of Grand Teton National Park. If the location of your dreams requires a permit, I'll guide you through every necessary step to make sure your big day goes by smoothly. I'm also here to help you consider the logistics of travel time on your big day--for example, how long a hotel in Teton Village might be from your dream ceremony spot!

6. We build your timeline

Keeping in mind the light, time of day, potential for other tourists to be nearby, distance from your accommodation, etc., 3 months ahead of your wedding date, we’ll make a timeline that flows in a way that focuses on the time you spend together and the adventures you’ve planned that day.

7. You tie the knot. Yay!!!!

After all that planning, you say "I DO!" I can’t wait to be there to document every moment of your day, and provide you with photos that capture the feeling behind every moment.

8. I send your sneak peek gallery

It’s so important to have a few photos right after you elope, to savor the magic of the amazing thing you just did. That’s why I always provide my couples with a small gallery (usually around 20 images) so you have something to share with loved ones at a mini reception back home, on an announcement, or just for you to keep those feelings present.

9. I send your full gallery

Once I’ve edited your full collection of images, I’ll send you a link to an online gallery that gives you access to all of your beautiful, edited, full-resolution photos that tell the complete story of your day. You’ll be able to share this gallery with friends and family, and my online gallery platform comes with an amazing print shop that gives you access to a ton of different print options.

Jackson Hole & Grand Teton National Park Elopement + Intimate Wedding Photographer