Capturing Memories

Capturing Memories

I'm a little bit biased, but I can't think of anywhere that's more beautiful or magical to tie the knot than in front of the Tetons. They are my favorite mountains in the whole world, and make a truly magical setting for your wedding day. Here's a few things to keep in mind when getting married in Jackson Hole or Grand Teton National Park!



I don't mean to burst the bubble for those of you who want a traditional, quick elopement, but there is a park permit that is super necessary if you want to get married in GTNP. The process itself takes at least 3 weeks, and I recommend starting even earlier than that if possible. You do not need a permit if you want to have your ceremony at The Chapel of Transfiguration, The Chapel of the Sacred Heart, or a concession facility. Both chapels are on private property, and there's no park fee for either of those locations. Want to risk it? You can, but what if you got fined or asked to leave on your wedding day because you didn't get a permit? One of the perks of booking me is access to my location list--I have plenty of spots both inside and outside the park with stunning views of the Tetons!


This is Wyoming, and the weather can be very unpredictable! I've seen snow on random days year round, and you never know what's going to happen. The good news is that weather makes for beautiful photos, and it's best to just roll with it! You're here for a memorable, meaningful experience of your love, and that's all that matters!


If you're brave enough for a winter wedding, be prepared that a large part of the majority closes from November-May. It snows so much here that it would be impossible to get to (let alone for the rangers to maintain for the safety of tourists) some of the park's most iconic spots. That's partly what makes the summers so breathtaking! Your photographer will know where you're able to go and when--and that's exactly why a local photographer is so important!


This is a tiny mountain town, and even with all the tourists, expect vendors to book out months (sometimes even 6 months-a year!) in advance.


If you're getting married in the park, you (and all guests!) will need to buy a parks pass for the day to attend!


Get your wedding license at LEAST one day in advance, if not earlier!


In Wyoming, you need to be married by 1 officiant with 2 witnesses present. Fear not, elopers! We have so many options! You two can get legally married before or after your time with your photographer (making what's photographed purely ceremonial), and I (or my husband) are happy to act as witnesses.


Choosing a local photographer is more important than I can say for a variety of reasons. By choosing a local photographer, you're making sure that:

  • They know the ins and outs of park requirements so your wedding day has no hiccups.
  • They know the best places to go that won't be crawling with tourists.
  • They understand Wyoming lighting--on some summer days, sunset is at 9PM. This can make what would be a "normal" ceremony time elsewhere have harsh, unflattering lighting. Don't be afraid to roll with it! And if you can, allow your photographer 2 possible days in case the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse!

And also, if you want an adventurous Teton elopement, make sure you find an adventurous Teton photographer! I'm very willing to hike pretty much anywhere you want to go, but not everyone might be. Be open and honest about your expectations!

jackson hole intimate wedding elopement photographer
jackson hole intimate wedding elopement photographer