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In addition to the incredible locations within Grand Teton National Park, there are also absolutely amazing venues in town. Today I'm sharing the pros and cons of both, as well as some of my favorite private venues!


There are lots of reasons why you might pick a private event space over a location in Grand Teton. Keep in mind that if the following Pros and Cons point you towards a private venue, you can still have pictures taken at one of the locations in the park--but many venues in town have stunning views of the Tetons. Another option is to have your ceremony in Grand Teton, but your reception at a private venue!

Grand Teton Pros & Cons | Private Venue Pros and Cons


  • Stunning & unique views
  • Low cost--the required wedding permit is $200
  • Customizable to your vision--want to get married by an alpine lake, or directly under Grand Teton? I work with my couples to dream up your perfect location and then present possibly locations for you to decide from.


  • Limitations on what you are allowed to set up--the park frowns on setting up chairs and decorations, making it harder for loved ones with accessibility needs who might not be able to stand for extended periods of time.
  • Likely possibility of tourists nearby, especially at the most easily accessible places like Schwabacher Landing.
  • Guest count limitations: if you have a guest list with 30 people or more, many of the park locations will be ruled out for you. Many of the most breathtaking spots have limitations on space, making it virtually impossible to comfortably have your guests gather.
  • Travel time: it can be over an hour from your lodging to some of the locations in the park, making for a slightly complicated full wedding day.

Private Venue Pros

  • Privacy! You won't have to worry about tourists popping into your space or your photos
  • More flexibility with style, decorations, etc.
  • Convenience: the time it will take to travel from your getting ready location, whether onsite or in a nearby hotel or Airbnb, to the ceremony location is usually much more time-friendly, allowing you to make the most of your wedding day (as well as easier on your guests!)
  • Easier on those with accessibility needs: if you've got a disabled loved one or a grandparent who needs assistance getting around (or the ability to sit during your ceremony), a private venue might serve you better.

Private Venue Cons

  • Priced higher than the Grand Teton National Park wedding permit
  • Less flexibility on availability, especially for a short engagement period or quick elopers
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