My clients are inspired by the beauty of the natural world and timeless moments that endure beyond the changing of trends. Pursuing creativity has been my life’s work, and with years of experience as a wedding photographer and a storyteller’s observation behind the camera, I bring an unparalleled experience to wedding photography. 


My entire client experience has been designed with one thing in mind—to capture and preserve every romantic feeling on your wedding day. Through photography, you’ll be able to experience every moment to savor for years to come; you’ll look through your wedding album and be instantly transported back to how it felt to marry your soulmate; you’ll be completely at ease knowing that I’m ready to handle whatever comes my way—because I've experienced it all before, as well as spending hours of preparation for each and every wedding to consider each unique factor. We work together—collaboration between each couple and their creative team is the absolute key to the photos that take your breath away. Through my process, you’ll feel completely comfortable by the time you’re in front of my camera. This approach allows you to lose yourself in the day and enjoy each moment to the fullest.


My relentless pursuit of creativity makes it impossible to settle for anything but the best, and my clients expect the fine-art images seen in my portfolio. I’m constantly looking for new ways to compose a scene—to highlight the jaw-dropping grandeur of our natural world, to capture the tiniest moments of tenderness shared between you, to preserve the most priceless aspect of my work: the emotion that will fade into memory as you move forward in sharing your life together. These moments, kept as fine-art for generations to come, are everything to me.

Timeless & Enduring

I don’t follow trends, but instead am captivated by my perfectionist-driven desire to create timeless photographs on a hybrid model of real film and digital photos. Prepare for refined, elegant photographs that are perfectly raw and undone, keeping the memories of your carefully planned celebration fresh and alive for years to come.



Above all else, the integrity of my work rests on an unparalleled experience. My presence on your wedding day is professional, respectful, and dependable. My process is detailed & meticulous. Your experience is my priority.

Texas wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer

Jackson Hole, WY and Charleston, SC